HERCO FREIGHT’s Fuel Surcharge is based on an evaluation of multiple fuel types and sources as charged to us by our service providers. This evaluation is completed on an as-needed basis, but not less than once per month. When adjustments to the Fuel Surcharge are required, posted levels will become effective one week later.

Separate Fuel Surcharge levels are maintained for domestic and international cargo, both being charged based on shipment chargeable weight.

Herco Freight Forwarders INC

2200 NW 129th Avenue
Suite 100
Miami, FL 33182

Herco Freight is a privately-held company.

As a privately owned company we do not publish an annual report and consider all financial information strictly confidential. However, we can supply financial information if necessary for participation in a formal Request for Proposal process, and with a signed non-disclosure agreement in place.

Herco Freight ‘s financial status is a key factor in our ability to uphold successful relationships with customers. Established in the early 1970’s, Herco Freight has a successful business history of nearly 50 years and maintains a very low debt structure as part of its fundamental practices. This lends to our ability to support short and long-term relationships with our customers, including capacities to invest in new technologies, employee development, and company infrastructure as needed to continually improve performance.
Our financial strength and stability enables us to offer freight forwarding and information services on par with large multinational companies, personalized customer service, service flexibility
Not too small. From advantageous rates with the all air carriers and ocean carriers tracing and communications capabilities – we have the experience and infrastructure to provide a comprehensive program at a competitive price.

Not too big. We are a owned private company that believes in getting to know our customers and tailoring our services to meet our customers needs

Herco Freight was established in 1970

Herco Freight is a full service freight forwarding and integrated logistics company.

Herco Freight does not qualify as a Minority or Women owned Business Enterprise.

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