LTL Portal Restrictions

  • VOLUME: 600 CFT(Exceptions DOT LINE 300 CFT | JTS 500 CFT | ABF 350 CFT | REDDAWAY 300 CFT | ESTES 400 CFT)
  • LINEAR FT: 16′ (Exceptions SEFL 13′ | JTS 12′ | EDI 12′ | ABF 11′ | RRTS 13′)
  • UNITARY WEIGHT: 3800 Lbs
  • TOTAL WEIGHT: 10000 Lbs
  • LIFT GATE MAX PER PIECE: 1800 Lbs | 60″x72″x64″ (Exception EDI Express max. 60″L 48″ W and 72″ H).
  • CENTRAL TRANSPORT HEIGHT & CUBE RULE: Height of a piece is calculated as follows: from 0″ to 51″ = 51″ tall | from 51″ and up = 108″ (Use this dims to calculate the volume)
  • 2 DAY TRANSPORT: Pallets should not exceed 48 x 48 inches in length/width and/or 84 inches in height. Each pallet may not weigh more than 2,000 pounds including the skid. Pallets exceeding 48Lx48Wx84H inches and/or 2,000 pounds each will be subject to an extra fee.
  • XPO Logistics – Note that when a shipment weighs less than 500 lbs, a single shipment fee of $25.00 will be charged.
  • Holland – Note that when a shipment weighs less than 500 lbs, a single shipment fee of $40.00 will be charged.
  • New England – If the freight is going to FL please add 2 days to the transit time
  • UPS – Quote is valid only if the dimensions were entered and included in the BOL
  • If delivery time is different to 8 am – 5 pm, appointment fee might be charged. 
  • The commodity field on the BOL needs to contain the correct description of the cargo. Otherwise, the carrier may re-classify and extra charges will apply (General Cargo, Non-Haz or NA are not valid as a description)
  • YRC – A suspension of reimbursement for Time-Critical service failures has been issued. Please don’t use YRC for accelerated shipments.
  • Guaranteed service rate is valid business to business and without any accessorial (lift gate, residential, trade show, hazmat, etc). Unless otherwise specified, transit time is not guaranteed. The pickup day is not guaranteed, even in guaranteed shipments.
  • Transit days start to count the first business day after the pickup is made. Transit times do not include holidays, weekends or the pickup day.
  • Rates are applicable only if the provided Bill Of Lading is used, if a different document is tendered to the carrier at the time of pickup, there might be rate changes and delays. It is the responsibility of each user to verify the class, weight, and dimensions to ensure an accurate price. Banned commodities to ship through the portal: Carbon Black, Toxics by Inhalation, Explosives, Radioactive, Medical Waste, Loose Mattresses, Guns & Ammunitions, Loose Tires, Loose TV’s, Loose Carpets.
  • Carriers can take up to 30 days to bill additional charges, reclassification, waiting time, liftgate, and other accessorials.

If you need to ship any of the above commodities, please [email protected]  for an accurate price.

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