China port V. Christmas shipping ?

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”Shipping executives say around 50 container ships remain backed up around the Yantian port in Southern China and that some 350,000 loaded containers are stacked up on docks as the major gateway for China goods heading to Western nations struggles to recover from a Covid-19 outbreak that disrupted operations there. The weeklong blockage of the Suez Canal in March caused by a grounded container ship pushed back deliveries of roughly 250,000 containers by around a month.
Ship backups are still hobbling transport through California’s ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, which make up the biggest gateway in the U.S. for Asia imports. A bottleneck offshore has eased since the first quarter, with nine container ships waiting for berthing space over the June 19 weekend, down from a high of around 40 in the first quarter, according to the Marine Exchange of Southern California. But shipping companies and their customers report growing delays in getting goods moved inland because of congestion and freight equipment shortages,” Costas Paris wrote.

Needless to say it has been a challenging year for all sectors across the board and companies continue to create innovative solutions so clients can feel the least impact possible.
The logistics hiccups faced during the year (Pandemic restrictions, blockage of the Suez Canal, extremely high demands, shortage on materials, lack of space, delays and more) can definitely impact end of the year sales worldwide.

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