Peak Season – Ocean Freight

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Peak season just started which means that more prenotice days are required in order to secure availability with the most competitive rates for inland rates.

Seattle, Tacoma, LA/Long Beach port, Minneapolis, Omaha, Kansas City, Chicago, Saint Louis, Detroit, Memphis, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, New York, New Jersey, Norfolk are all limited.

Oakland, Salt Late City, Denver, El Paso, Dallas, Laredo, Houston, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Louisville, Nashville, Huntsville, Mobile, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Boston, Newark, Baltimore, Charlotte, Charleston, Savannah, Jacksonville, Port Everglades and Miami are all open.



With standard rate: 5-6 days prenotice

with priority rates: 2-3 days prenotice


With standard rate: 3-5 days prenotice

With priority rates: Next day availability

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