Record backlog of cargo ships at California ports

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”The ships are stuck outside the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, California, which handle 40% of all cargo containers entering the country. Before Covid, it was unusual for more than one to wait for a berth. The backlog is linked to surging demand for imports as the US economy has reopened. Retailers and manufacturers have rushed to place orders and restock their inventories, but the global shipping system is struggling to keep up.

The Californian ports have now agreed to expand the hours during which trucks can pick up and return containers to try to ease the backlog. They are also working with the White House Supply Chain Disruptions Task Force, which was set up in June to try to alleviate bottlenecks. Other ports such as Savannah in Georgia have also seen record shipping congestion, while the nation’s second busiest entry point – New York – said it faced transit issues outside the port.”

Record backlog of cargo ships at California ports.

By Daniel Thomas – Business reporter, New York


”Container ships were lined up this week off the coast of Southern California, waiting to deliver cargo at the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach. The backup offered another sign of the supply chain woes bedeviling businesses across the globe.

“We are in our 11th month of managing this record-breaking traffic,” Captain Louttit said. “We’ve never had a problem like this before.”

The delay in getting the container ships to port comes as the easing of pandemic restrictions and an increase in consumer spending have ramped up demand. As a result, manufacturers are struggling to keep pace, and shortages of some products.”

A record number of cargo ships off the California coast shows a crack in the supply chain.




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