The Secret to Exporting Small Parcels to Brazil

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The Secret to Exporting to Brazil

E-commerce solutions for companies willing to expand in Brazil

Miami, FL, USA – ” The biggest annual e-commerce event took place last Friday (27) and, for the Post Office, Black Friday registered, on the first day, a 19% increase in volume of orders posted, in relation to 2019, ” informed by Correios (Brazilian postal office).

‘‘On Monday (30), the first business day after Black Friday, the company peaked its shipments, with more than 2.2 million objects posted. This is the largest volume of orders ever posted in a day, in the entire history of the Post Office, and represents an increase of 13%, compared to the previous year, ’’ as per Correios.

At Home DeliveryBR it was no different. After breaking several records throughout 2020, Home DeliveryBR contributed to the record of 2.2 million packages posted by the Brazilian Postal Office. Home DeliveryBR has stood out for creating logistics solutions for redirectors, personal shoppers and companies that invest in electronic commerce (e-commerce).

Based in Miami, Home DeliveryBR focuses on the North American market, offering alternatives practices for exporting products to Brazilians. Without intermediary companies, Home DeliveryBR has been successful in international transport safely and quickly. For those look for practical solutions for international air freight from U.S. to Brazil, you can count on several benefits of which include but are not limited to:

·         Home DeliveryBR has a warehouse in Miami with 21,000 M²

·         Home DeliveryBR has at least two flights per week.

·         Home DeliveryBR offers support in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

·         The sender can leave/send his box in the Home DeliveryBR warehouse labeled with a tracking number to the destination.

·         Up to 30kgs/66lbs per shipment.

·         The sender can also send products in aerosol (personal use) and products with lithium battery.

·         The recipient receives his package within an average period of 15 business days in any Brazilian state.

·         All shipments enter Curitiba, capital of Paraná.

Home DeliveryBR has the responsibility to receive the boxes, check the weight and dimensions, scan and then prepare for international shipping. Home DeliveryBR’s integrated system with the Receita Federal (Brazilian customs)/ Brazilian Post Office enables the boxes to appear as posted on the Correios website immediately after being shipped, where the recipient can follow each status updated of his shipment.

As a product of Herco Freight, Home DeliveryBR has the flexibility to increase the frequency of weekly flights, meeting the needs of many importers, retailers and Brazilian entrepreneurs. It is no secret that the Brazilians always seek imported products with quality and affordable price – and with the logistical support of Home DeliveryBR it has been faster and safer to import. “We evaluate the market and to meet demand, we implement management with technology and operational agility” says LATAM operations specialist, Alexander Hoyos.


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